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Welcome Sensei Sekiwa

Sensei giving points

Budo Academy welcomes Sensei Sekiwa back to Penang. Sensei would be here for a month (12th Oct to 11th Nov 2007) and would be giving special course to students in the art of Kendo and Chanbara.

Sensei’s aquaintance with Budo Academy was by fate and ever since then, Sensei has been giving valuable in sight into the world of the sword. Here is a brief history of Sensei Sekiwa. He started Kendo in high school and graduated with a second degree black belt in Kendo. During his high school days, Sensei wqas the Saitama Prefecture Kendo Champion. After high school Sensei went to work and Kendo practice had to be put on hold.


Once a Budo men, always a Budo men, at the age of 50 years Sensei ventured back into the Kendo and been practicing and teaching Kendo 4 times a week for the past 15 years. He currently holds a 6th Degree black belt in Kendo. He teaches at Washiyama Kenyukai Dojo, Omiyashibu – Saitama Prefecture on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday. He believes by learning BUDO (martial art in Japanese) one can create a harmonious and peaceful lifestyle physically and mentally.

Johnny-Seow,-Sensei-Sekiwa & Lee Siew Ling

Nowadays after retirement, apart from teaching and practicing Kendo, Sensei operates a plant nursery with his wife Hatsue who by the way holds a 4th Dan in Kyudo (archery). He competes in local competitions once a year for fun and is committed to promote Kendo in Penang. He comes to Budo Academy 3 times a year to teach Kendo. All we can say is than you very much Sensei!

Sensei-instructing-Siew-LinSensei & wife

Sensei showing Siew Ling the proper way to hold the boken & Sensei with Hatsue


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