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Budo Academy member’s visit to ONEFC to support Marcos Escobar in his MMA debut

23rd of June was an exciting day for us as 11 of us made the journey down to Kuala Lumpur to watch our BJJ chief coach Marcos Escobar debut in his first MMA fight at ONEFC. The competitionĀ  was scheduled to start at 7.30pm.

onefc.jpg Budo Members at the entrance just before the fight began…..

The arena was setup and you could actually feel the electrifying environment which setup the mood for the night. Marcos Escobar’sĀ  fight was scheduled as the 2nd fight of the night. The ring announcer the “PRIDE Lady” Lenne Hardt’s was just mind blowing good. Her voice and her tempo added another 100% to the excitement we already had. The fighters were introduced one by one to the ring.


The view of the arena from where we were seating…

The first match up was a fast one as local boy Peter Davis knocked out Singapore favourite Quek Kim Hock in under 1 minute. Next was the Marcos match up and you could actually feel the stadium coming down. Marcos had a lot of students rooting for him in the stadium. We were all just cheering non stop as Marcos fought Rodrigo Praxedes.

The match went to 3 rounds. In round one Marcos started aggressively from the first ring of the bell. Nearing the end of the round 1, Marcos managed to mount Rodrigo and started pounding him. The ring of the bell saved Rodrigo. The match could have ended here.


The second round started and was as exciting as round 1. Marcos showed some great foot stomps when he pinned Rodrigo to the cage. Rodrigo managed to land a punch on Marcos and Marcos fell. Rodrigo then mounted Marcos but managed to escape. Then it was Marcos turn to mount and punch.

Round 3…..Rodrigo is tiring fast and Marcos ups the tempo.Both fighters went to ground and Marcos managed to engage a choke hold. Rodrigo taps and the whole stadium erupted with cheers and applause for Marcos..


Marcos moving into the choke hold from here….


Referee Matt Hume hoisting Marcos’s hand signaling the winner…


The ONEFC event ended at around 11.30pm. We were told by our sister club Leverage that there would be a party to celebrate Marcos’s win at Bangsar. There we meet almost all the fighters and also the “Legend” in BJJ, Renzo Gracie. A renowned humble and popular BJJ expert ..


It was a truly memorable experience and we all had a great fun time during this trip. Looking forward to the next ONEFC in Malaysia…


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