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Abu Dhabi World Pro Trials (Malaysia) experience by Nashriq and Queenie Chew

20th March 2012 – 22nd March 2012


It has been a great Budo family outing. The team trained hard and was prepared for their maiden BJJ (Brazillian Jiu Jitsu) competition and a world trial at that!!! This trial was a 3 star trial with participants from over 20 countries. The Budo family consisted of Md Nashriq, Lucas Taylor, Alan Finlay, Kenneth Teh, Khye Ping, Victor Lee, Arai, Kah Joon, Ooi Aik Tong and Queenie Chew Li Ying. Justin, Melvin, Magen and Yi Jian were appointed as technical officials of the tournament. We had also our cheer leaders in Kah May and Hanani. Talking about a complete team!!!

We left Penang at about 9am and arrived KL at about 1pm and went straight to Leverage Combat Academy where the trials were held. It was the first time we went to our sister club new establishment at Solaris for the official weighing in. It was a great time as we meet our brothers and sisters from our extended Marcos Escobar BJJ family.


Kenneth and Khye horsing around in the cage while waiting for the weighing in.

img_2460.JPG The winners get a massage from Victor Lee.


Cheer leaders Hanani and Kah May preparing to document our travels.

After weighing, it was back to the hotel for some good rest in preparation for competition the next day. The next morning we were all ready and pumped up for the competition. The first recognized BJJ competition in Malaysia.


The view of the competition area.


Justin strapping Alan ankle for the competition.

The competition started at 10am. Adam Kayoum the chief referee gave all competitors a quick recap on the competition rules. The white belt light weight divisions kicked off. This was followed by blue belts and purple. Kah Joon match was the very first match on mat 1. His opponent was a Hong Kong player from Rodrigo Caporal team. Kah Joon lost by points. As the competition was a straight knockout, there is no 2nd chance. Victor, Khye Ping and Kenneth were also knocked out in the first round. Alan, Nashriq, Queenie, Arai, Lucas and Aik Tong progressed to the next round.


Kah Joon in action

425718_10150615180497986_539602985_9307091_572949893_n.jpgQueenie in action versus Magdaline Tan from MEBJJ Leverage in the white/blue belt division.

nash1.jpgMd Nashriq in action

lucas.jpgLucas in action

img_2476.JPG Aik Tong in action


Khye Ping in action


Kenneth in action


Alan in action

The white – purple belt divisions ended just before lunch and we obtained 2 gold from Md Nashriq and Queenie Chew, 2 silver Arai and Lucas and 2 bronze from Alan and Aik Tong.


1st – Queenie Chew (MEBJJ Budo ACademy) , 2nd – Magdaline Tan (MEBJJ Leverage) 3rd – Taya Leemeijer (Evolve)


1st – Md Nashriq (MEBJJ Budo ACademy) , 2nd – Justin Low (MEBJJ Leverage) 3rd – Sharul Hamizan (BJJ Borneo)


1st – Adrian Rodolfo (Atos) , 2nd – Arai Takumi (MEBJJ Budo Academy) 3rd -Sean Andrew Stolarczyk (Kowloon BJJ Hong Kong)

3rd – Ivan Chua (BJJ Singapore)


1st – Jordan Roberts (Rodrigo Caporal Team) , 2nd – Lucas Taylor (MEBJJ Budo Academy) 3rd -Shun Kiatvongvharoen (Kowloon BJJ Hong Kong)  3rd – Alan Finlay (MEBJJ Budo Academy)

Competitors who qualified till the quarterfinals in their respective categories were given a chance to fight in the Absolute divisions which is a no weight category. The winners of the absolute division would be given an all expense paid trip to Abu Dhabi to compete at the World Championship.

In the absolute white division, Queenie and Nashriq got the bronze and in the blue belt division, Arai got the bronze.


1st – Jordan Roberts (Rodrigo Caporal Team) , 2nd – Shun Kiatvongvharoen (Kowloon BJJ Hong Kong) 3rd -Huang Shihao (BJJ Singapore)  3rd – Md Nashriq (MEBJJ Budo Academy)


1st – Magdalene Tan (MEBJJ Leverage) , 2nd – Chan Su Ling (MEBJJ Budo Leverage) 3rd -Queenie Chew (MEBJJ Budo Academy)  3rd – Arlene Lim Rivas (Evolve MMA


1st – Yang Seung Ho (Tiger Muay Thai) , 2nd – Andrew Wong Kee (Rodrigo Caporal Team) 3rd -Takumi Arai (MEBJJ Budo Academy)  3rd – Adrian Rodolfo (Atos)

Final medal tally from Budo Academy was 2 gold and 2 silver and 4 bronze and Marcos Escobar BJJ Team which is a combination of Budo Academy and Leverage we announced as overall champ with a medal haul of 4 gold, 7 silver and 6 bronze.


Congrats to the whole Budo family. Special thanks to Professor Marcos Escobar and Aaron Goh for training us and we look forward to better times. We would like to thank all Budo friends like Mike Sethna and Mike Haw for training with us in preparation for the trials.

So after a hard competition whats next….. a rest at relax at Genting Highlands and some fresh air …….



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