Organic and Goat Farm visit

At the end of 2011 we organized a visit to Balik Pulau, north of Penang island. The kids were given a glimpse into a life of a farmer.


Mr. Lei the farm owner is seen here explaining to the kids and parents what do the farmers do at the farm. He explained the various vegetables available, how vegetables are planted and also how he created a natural ecosystem to manage him farm organically.


Gaurav is seen here trying his hands on a hoe to loosen the soil.


Jade showing how she sends her brother Conor and friend Daniel to the farm…..


Here we were treated to a show on how the goats are milked by machine and later the kids were given a chanceĀ  to milk the goats by hand. Giggles and laughter filled the air….


The event highlight where kids fed the goats. Kids were happy goats were happy!

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