Jagsport Judo Championship – Singapore


Budo Academy send a team of 8 players and 2 coaches to the annual Jagsport Judo Championship at our sister club Budo Academy Singapore. The team comprised of Md Nashriq (Coach), Chew Li Ying (Coach) and players Bryan Kong, Gregory Me, Eng Liang, Julius Khoo, Jan Marco, Henry Ng, Gurav Kumar and Amir Daniel.

Most of the kids were traveling abroad for the first time without their parents. The kids felt great in being independent.


 Heavy ones above, light ones below……………………


Gaurav….. the entertainer of the pack..



At the end of the day, you learn not only what winning and losing about but also a great thing known as FRIENDSHIP….. The team got to know many new friends from around the world. Roughly 10 countries were participating in this event.


Amir Daniel in action….


Gold : Nicholas Me and Henry Ng

Silver: Julius Khoo

Bronze: Amir Daniel and Jan Marco

A big congrats to all coaches and players and a big thank you to Gerard Lim ( Principal of Budo Academy Singapore)

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