The Penang team to the SUKMA created a new record by breaking the old medal haul and with with a smaller team than the last SUKMA. This time Penang Judo team came back with a 3 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze.


The Gold medals came from Chua Jen Keat and Lim Zheng Jie (Men’s Kata), Esther Tam (Women -48kg) and  Ooi Aik Tong (Men -73kg). Silver came from Ng Tsu Tao (Men -55kg) and Chua Jen Keat (Men -66kg). Bronze from Koay Seong Jiann (Men -60kg), Khoo Wei Leong (Men -81kg), Chong Swee Hang (Men +90kg) and Goh Yiing Yuan(Women -45kg)

The determination shown by the young squad was admirable. Specially to Lee Pei San which had to learn the Juno Kata from scratch in 72hours and able to pull the kata off was incredible. There was a minor problem where our first pair of Juno Kata was not eligible to participate. Fortunately there were no such problem in the Men’s Nage No Kata. Our pair of Chuah Jen Keat and Lim Zheng Jie completely blew out the rest of the competitors and after the preliminary rounds, they already had a huge lead over the rest of the field. Regardless to say, the gold medal was only for them to lose.


Koay Seong Jiann too showed a determination of steel fighting with a injured thumb. There were concerns if he was able to fight in such a highly demanding competition. He proved that he was made of steel and got 3rd placing.


All in all, it was a memorable competition. Team spirit was sensational. Karmini Sri, our youngest member at 14 years too was excited and stated her desire to return to the competition much stronger. It was definitely a sigh of relief  for Md Nashriq and Justin Khoo after the finals were over especially the former as this is the first time as head coach for Penang.


Golden pair of Esther Tam and Aik Tong, celebrating their gold.


We are having fun alright!

Below: Combo of pictures of Ooi Aik Tong’s gold medal knockout score in the finals via uchimata.






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