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BJJ in Malaysia

The History of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Jiu-Jitsu which means “the gentle art” is the oldest form of martial art. It originated in India more than 2000 years B.C. It was practiced by Buddhist Monks who developed the method as a way of self-defense against barbarian attacks. These monks created techniques based upon principles of balance […]

Author Lydia Teh promotes Budo Academy

Budo Academy is proud to be mentioned in a book which promotes activities for children in Malaysia. Author Lydia Teh mentioned that Budo Academy is the place in Penang to go if you want your kids to learn Judo. All instructors are specially trained to train kids in Judo which is not only beneficial for […]

Budo Academy is mentioned in www.bjj-asia.com

  Penang Budo Academy has been mentioned in www.bjj-asia.com.  Bjj-asia.com is currently the website which reports on all the activities of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu particularly in South East Asia. (http://www.bjj-asia.com/2011/03/budo-academy-penang.html) Brazillian Jiu Jitsu aka BJJ is growing exponentially in South East Asia and is slowly getting popular in Malaysia. Marcos Escobar the representative of Checkmat […]

BJJ comes to Penang

BJJ will be formerly introduced to Penang at the Budo Academy in June 2009. Professor Julio Cesar will be conducting the classes. BJJ is a mrtial art which focuses on grappling especially ground fighting. First introduced by Sensei Maeda, a judo exponent to Brazil and made popular by the Gracie’s. BJJ has taken the world by storm […]

Penang Judo History

1950’s, Judo was introduced to the Penang folks by Japanese sailors calling at the Penang port. Judo was demonstrated to the public during their practice sessions. Several individual was fascinated by the new methods of teaching and the effectiveness of the art as a form of  self defense. 1955, the late Chong Heng Yuen who […]


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