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Introducing our Japanese Judo Coach – Atsuto Hori

Introducing Hori Atsuto. Ex National Japanese National Player currently teaching Judo at Penang Budo Academy for the next 2 years. Come join us and open yourself to the world of elite Judo.      

Ooi Aik Tong’s journey to Mix Martial Arts part 2

Aik Tong and I stayed back to watch Reeza Azim in action during the quarter finals to study his moves. We found out that he was not very strong on the ground and we work our game plan. During the quarter finals, Nashriq accompanied Ooi Aik Tong as I had to stay back to train […]

Ooi Aik Tong’s journey to Mix Martial Arts

It was a long 6 months but it was worth every single sweat. It all started when our women’s judo coach Queenie Chew stumbled upon the registration to the Malaysian Invasion Mix Martial Arts, MIMMA in short. Queenie informed me and I remembered that Aik Tong once told me of his dream to have a […]

Abu Dhabi Pro Trials – Malaysia

  Its official guys so train hard…. 10th March 2012 – Mark this date!

First Judo training of 2012

Welcome back everybody…Lets make this year a better year than 2011……

BJJ comes to Penang

BJJ will be formerly introduced to Penang at the Budo Academy in June 2009. Professor Julio Cesar will be conducting the classes. BJJ is a mrtial art which focuses on grappling especially ground fighting. First introduced by Sensei Maeda, a judo exponent to Brazil and made popular by the Gracie’s. BJJ has taken the world by storm […]

Penang Judo welcomes Back Sensei Hamabe

  Sensei Hamabe has been appointed as the current Malaysian Judo Team coach. His coaching stints took him to Malaysia in the 70’s and Phillipines, Vietnam before finally coming to back to Malaysian shores namely Penang. Judokas certainly look forward towards learning Judo under sensei as sensei is known to be able to bring out […]

Penang Newaza Championship Circuit 1

The Penang Newaza Championship Circuit has been brought forward to the 15th of March. It was originally slated to be on the 9th of March and was cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. Time: 10am – 1pm Venue: Budo Academy

Welcome Sensei Sekiwa

Budo Academy welcomes Sensei Sekiwa back to Penang. Sensei would be here for a month (12th Oct to 11th Nov 2007) and would be giving special course to students in the art of Kendo and Chanbara. Sensei’s aquaintance with Budo Academy was by fate and ever since then, Sensei has been giving valuable in sight […]

World Judo Championship 2007 – Brazil

Another exciting event in the Judo calendar. As usual top class Judo from Miss Gentle herself, Ryouko Tani (in blue). She is now 7 times world champion. Malaysia too send a player in Noor Maizura Zainon, the current South East Asia Champion. She was unfortunate to draw Ryouko Tani in the very first round and loss. To get […]

Visit by Sensei Philip Lee 7th Dan Sports Chanbara

Budo Academy Penang had the previlege to receive 2 top instructors from Singapore, Sensei Philip Lee (President of Singapore Sports Chanbara Association) and Sensei Felix Tan to give a 2 hour training on Sunday 25th September 2007.    Students were exposed to beginers training as well as competition training.  Among the techniques taught was the attack and […]


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