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Introducing our Japanese Judo Coach – Atsuto Hori

Introducing Hori Atsuto. Ex National Japanese National Player currently teaching Judo at Penang Budo Academy for the next 2 years. Come join us and open yourself to the world of elite Judo.      

Ooi Aik Tong’s journey to Mix Martial Arts part 2

Aik Tong and I stayed back to watch Reeza Azim in action during the quarter finals to study his moves. We found out that he was not very strong on the ground and we work our game plan. During the quarter finals, Nashriq accompanied Ooi Aik Tong as I had to stay back to train […]

Ooi Aik Tong’s journey to Mix Martial Arts

It was a long 6 months but it was worth every single sweat. It all started when our women’s judo coach Queenie Chew stumbled upon the registration to the Malaysian Invasion Mix Martial Arts, MIMMA in short. Queenie informed me and I remembered that Aik Tong once told me of his dream to have a […]

Newly minted blue belts in BJJ from Budo Academy……..

A big congratulations to Nashriq aka Abang Facebook and Queenie for obtaining the blue belt rank in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Marcos gave the blue belts after the end of the class at Leverage on the 25th of June, 2012. You could actually see the satisfaction in Queenie’s eyes….haha A big congrats to Koo Kar Joon […]

Budo Academy member’s visit to ONEFC to support Marcos Escobar in his MMA debut

23rd of June was an exciting day for us as 11 of us made the journey down to Kuala Lumpur to watch our BJJ chief coach Marcos Escobar debut in his first MMA fight at ONEFC. The competition  was scheduled to start at 7.30pm. Budo Members at the entrance just before the fight began….. The […]

Abu Dhabi World Pro Trials (Malaysia) experience by Nashriq and Queenie Chew

20th March 2012 – 22nd March 2012 It has been a great Budo family outing. The team trained hard and was prepared for their maiden BJJ (Brazillian Jiu Jitsu) competition and a world trial at that!!! This trial was a 3 star trial with participants from over 20 countries. The Budo family consisted of Md […]

BJJ in Malaysia

The History of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Jiu-Jitsu which means “the gentle art” is the oldest form of martial art. It originated in India more than 2000 years B.C. It was practiced by Buddhist Monks who developed the method as a way of self-defense against barbarian attacks. These monks created techniques based upon principles of balance […]

Abu Dhabi Pro Trials – Malaysia

  Its official guys so train hard…. 10th March 2012 – Mark this date!

Aikido Seminar by Sensei Joe Thambu

Sensei Joe Thambu, the nephew of Sensei Thamby Rajah, the father of Malaysian Aikido and the first Malaysian Black Belter in Judo gave a restraint and removal seminar at Budo Academy to usher in the new year. Sensei Joe Thambu began his training in 1972 under his uncle, Thamby Rajah at the age of 11. […]

First Judo training of 2012

Welcome back everybody…Lets make this year a better year than 2011……

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Grading….

Congrats to all Budo Academy BJJ enthusiast. The first from Penang to be graded and given stripes by Marcos Escobar… White 1 stripe – Victor White 2 stripe – Pang, Kenneth, Edwin, Josh, Melvin, Alan White 3 stripe – Gary, Khye Ping, Kah Joon, Lucas White 4 stripe – Nashriq and Queenie Blue 3 stripe […]

A visit from our Kiwi BJJ Friends

  Micheal Haw and Michael Sethna visited Budo Acadeny and trained with our members for a week. Both of them have been training BJJ for a couple of years and both are currently brown belts in BJJ. Both Mike’s graciously shared their BJJ knowledge during their trip here. Incidentally, Michael Haw was the one who […]

SEA Games 2011 – Jakarta

  Chew Li Ying and Agnes Thong were selected to represent Malaysia at the SEA Games Jakarta 2011 for the ladies Ju No Kata event. A big thank you to Epsom College Malaysia for sponsoring the ladies to the games. The ladies had to report to Bukit Jalil for centralize training a week before the […]

Organic and Goat Farm visit

At the end of 2011 we organized a visit to Balik Pulau, north of Penang island. The kids were given a glimpse into a life of a farmer. Mr. Lei the farm owner is seen here explaining to the kids and parents what do the farmers do at the farm. He explained the various vegetables […]

TV1 Interview

Our victorious players Lim Zheng Jie and Chua Jen Keat being interviewed on TV1 after their triumph at the Malaysian Games 2011 in KL Olympic Hall.. [wpyt_profile1]zd66VM_Fmak&feature=share[/wpyt_profile1]

Singapore International Cadet Championship 2011

The Singapore International Cadet Championship 2011 was held at Bedok Sports Hall in September 2011. Henry Ng, Esther and Ooi Aik Tong from Penang was selected to the Junior Malaysian team for this event. We stayed at the Pasir Ris Resort and host Singapore were a gracious host. It was a good competition. Esther managed […]

Jagsport Judo Championship – Singapore

  Budo Academy send a team of 8 players and 2 coaches to the annual Jagsport Judo Championship at our sister club Budo Academy Singapore. The team comprised of Md Nashriq (Coach), Chew Li Ying (Coach) and players Bryan Kong, Gregory Me, Eng Liang, Julius Khoo, Jan Marco, Henry Ng, Gurav Kumar and Amir Daniel. […]


The Penang team to the SUKMA created a new record by breaking the old medal haul and with with a smaller team than the last SUKMA. This time Penang Judo team came back with a 3 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze. The Gold medals came from Chua Jen Keat and Lim Zheng Jie (Men’s […]

Author Lydia Teh promotes Budo Academy

Budo Academy is proud to be mentioned in a book which promotes activities for children in Malaysia. Author Lydia Teh mentioned that Budo Academy is the place in Penang to go if you want your kids to learn Judo. All instructors are specially trained to train kids in Judo which is not only beneficial for […]

Budo Academy is mentioned in www.bjj-asia.com

  Penang Budo Academy has been mentioned in www.bjj-asia.com.  Bjj-asia.com is currently the website which reports on all the activities of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu particularly in South East Asia. (http://www.bjj-asia.com/2011/03/budo-academy-penang.html) Brazillian Jiu Jitsu aka BJJ is growing exponentially in South East Asia and is slowly getting popular in Malaysia. Marcos Escobar the representative of Checkmat […]


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